House Rules

Rules? We don't need so steenkin' rules...

These are the house rules as agreed upon by our group. if anything is omitted here, please bring to the attention of Boone and Brian.


We use custom facing rules that are described on this pdf document

Swapping cure spells

When a divine spellcaster is in combat and attempting to replace a prepared spell with a cure spell, he/she must succeed a concentration check of DC: (10 + level of spell swapped + level of cure spell attempted), or lose that spell.

Identify Spells

When casting identify to learn functions of magic items, a spellcaster may learn deeper functions of a magic item by casting identify at a higher level. For example, to identify an item with 3 functions, a spellcaster must cast 3 identify spells: one at 1st level, one at 2nd level, and one at 3rd level, in that order..

Firing into combat

When using a ranged weapon against opponents that are engaged with your allies or other NPCs in grappling or melee combat, there is a % chance (the # your roll misses by x 5%) that one of the engaged or "in the line of fire" allies or NPC's will instead be targeted by the weapon. Roll a flat-footed "to hit" roll to see if that other person is struck by your errant attack. Criticals and fumbles do not apply for the secondary attack roll.

Attacks of Opportunity

We generally play that if a player or creature is actively engaged in combat, they will generally not get automatic AoOs on everything that passes through their threaten squares unless they has a specific reason to switch targets.


We generally allow running as a partial action (2x movement rate) provided it follows the other running rules like being in a straight line, etc..

Criticals and Fumbles

Each of the campaign lands (Ondileth and Xinn) has its respective custom spell and combat critial and fumble charts that supercede the standard systems.

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