Getting Started

This is intended to the start of a campaign that can continue as long as the group enjoys it. I hope you will take the effort to create a character that you will fully enjoy roleplaying. As you can see, I am trying to put some effort into the campaign side as well. I want this to be a solid foundation that we all can build upon and take whatever direction we want.


We will be starting with new 2nd level characters. Second level is being chosen because that lets your character start down a career path, maybe have seen a small bit of the world, be able to multiclass, and do something more that cast "Magic missile" and run away a lot... But the price of second level is that you need to detail (with at least a few specifics) what adventuring your character did to earn that level. If that's too much work, you're welcome to start at first level....

Read over the information I've compiled here about the setting. Let that help shape a character that will fit into that world.


Nothing has been hard-coded about religion or the pantheon. We were thinking of perhaps just using the Players Handbook gods since that information is readily accessible and already familiar to most. Any ideas are welcome.


While strictly speaking there are no alignment restrictions, for the benefit of the party I suggest you stick to non-evil ones. Even chaotic neutral is a bit iffy, but if you can justify it with your character, then you might be able to sell it.


I think we're all experienced roleplayers, so I'll let you start with whatever wealth makes sense for your character. This isn't a "Monty Haul" game... More experience points will be doled out than toys and trinkets...


I prefer a "point buy" system starting with 28 points to spend, but you're welcome to use whatever system is easiest for you. As I just said, we're experienced roleplayers, and the goal here isn't min-maxing. You'll do better by making the right decisions than by having a 19 strength...(With buffed characters, we just throw buffed baddies at you ;).

Here's a chart showing point buy costs. You start with "8" for each stat, "buy" whatever stats you want using the following costs, and then add in your racial adjustments.

Score Cost Stat
6 -- -2
7 -- -2
8 0 -1
9 1 -1
10 2 0
11 3 0
12 4 +1
13 5 +1
14 6 +2
15 8 +2
16 10 +3
17 13 +3
18 16 +4
19 -- +4
20 -- +5

I encourage you to spend skill points on the Profession, Craft, and Knowledge skills that match your character's background. Odds are good that those stats will come into play. "Why yes, I am an expert at goblin mating calls.. Allow me to demonstrate..."


I'd like everyone to have put some thought into the background of their character. I've put together a mini-questionnaire with some aspects of your character to think about. It is not required to have put all of this down on paper (except for the last question), but bonus experience will be awarded based on the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of what you provide. All of this info about Ondileth is just made-up stuff I pulled together to give you a starting point. You're welcome to flesh out the setting in any way that makes sense...

The characters should start out either within Rowandale proper, or within a few hours hike of it. You don't have to be from there, but you'll need to be there... The maps are a work in progress and I plan on adding more detail to them as time permits...

I'll be "facilitating" the creation of the party, so you don't have to invent how your character suddenly knows all these other people. You can opt, if you want, to have your character already know or be familiar with one other character.


If there's anything I overlooked, or need to explain better, feel free to ask away... shoot an email to

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