Hail and Well met!

Welcome to the bountiful and proud land of Ondileth. Below you will find many links to help you get acquainted with your new home.



  • Map of Xinn (will be moved to a Xinn section later)

Background on Ondileth

Creating a character

  • All the basic info you need to start with. (I hope!)
  • A mini-questionnaire to answer about your character.
  • A summary of the house rules we use for our group.
  • A roster of the valiant comrades who have perished along the way...


  • There are forums for discussions both in and out of character...

If there is any information about Ondileth or your characters that I seem to have omitted (which is a fair likelihood) send me an email at brian@DrunkenElf.com and I'll try to resolve it ASAP.

Questions about game-time, location, and so on should go to Boone.

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